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8 MetaBalls

One of the interesting things about Decentraland is that games experiences which play like Commadore 64 are still charming and engaging due to the discovery aspect. This is definitely the case with 8 MetaBalls, which is one of the most frequented destinations in DCL.

The level 1 gameplay is solitaire, with 3 balls and a target pocket to pot the blue and the yellow. Successfully achieving this without a foul or running out of time earns chips, which can be exchanged for superior specced cues (or you can just buy them on opensea).

Don’t ask why I’m aiming at the black…

There are NFT 8ball cards available for purchase, which are exchangeable for wearables, with the OG jacket providing access to private rooms, voting, pool clubs and beta tests – current beta is player vs player.

Once this PvP launches I can see this fast becoming a social gaming hub with the potential to deliver similar engagement as the poker hubs without the cost of entry.

Busy in here today

This one is well worth a look, and you may find yourself hanging around longer than you intended.

Some people are misspending their youth

Jump to 118,-27

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