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Welcome to Decentraland News, your gateway to discovering more about the wonderful world of Decentraland.

The Decentraland News team are passionate about increasing accessibility and knowledge for more people to enjoy Decentraland, and more brands to participate in building the world. Our curiosity about the architecture and use of land keeps us exploring as every trip in delivers something new and beautiful. Our team has significant experience in managing ‘In Real Life’ News Media websites, so we hope we can deliver interesting and enriching content for you. We believe this is the first of its kind dedicated to Decentraland, so it might be a little rough around the edges to start, so bear with us and we appreciate your support.

The content we will be focussing on will be around discovery.

One of the most powerful tools for Decentraland is the ability to ‘jump in’ to any scene straight from your browser, and likewise to use the map to teleport further once you are there. However, even some of the big brand launches fail to include links or co-ordinates for people to actually visit (looking at you Heineken).

There are over 90,000 parcels of land in Decentraland, which equates to 9x the size of Luxemborg, so to get the most out of it, it’s worth having a travel guide.

We are also keen to support brands who are investing in building the world, both big and small, so if you have an upcoming project, feel free to reach out so we can share it.

Decentraland News is an independent body not connected to (let’s earn our stripes first). We would love to provide a platform to any other content creators out there, either as regular contributors, or just one off when you see something cool, so feel free to get in contact.



Some of the founders of Decentraland News have some crypto holdings, including MANA, and own land in Decentraland’s SciArt Lab District. We also work on a new business called Nicheliving Virtual, which aims to help businesses develop in the metaverse. Any content for which we receive a fee or benefit will always be identified as ‘SPONSORED’.