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Nicheliving & Nicheliving Virtual

Nicheliving is a leading Australian land developer responsible for building over 60 communities in the last 20 years.

Outside of developing residential communities, they are a vertically integrated business which has divisions involved in proptech, martech and fintech products focussed on strengthening communities across consumer and commercial.

Nicheliving has acquired a parcel of land in the SciArt District and built a showcase for their products based around their IRL building in Perth, Australia.

This features Sky Home Apartments through to three storey High End homes, as well as their full service marketing agency, Powerhouse.

Nicheliving are also proud to announce the creation of Nicheliving Virtual, Australia’s (and maybe the world’s) first metaverse consultancy, development and promotion service offered by a real-world land developer.

Nicheliving Virtual can help brands execute a virtual worlds strategy across all facets from conception through land acquisition, structure development and testing, as well as IRL promotion, PR and marketing.

The core team behind Nicheliving Virtual come from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets including NewsMedia, Fintech, Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Architectural Design and 3D Design. They are based in Perth, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand.

Find out more about how Nicheliving Virtual can help your brand enter the metaverse here.

You can visit Nicheliving HQ at 9,61

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