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Tomb Chaser

Polygonal Minds are the undisputed kings of experiential builds in Decentraland, with more than 35 builds to their credit (they’re active in the Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and VRCHAT also). We have already taken a look at the enormous Metaverse Festival and will no doubt cover a number of others along the way, as they really set the benchmark for what can be achieved with great skill and imagination. If you can’t wait, their full /goto list can be found here.

But on to Tomb Chaser. It’s aMAZEing (sorry :(). At time of writing it had moved from it’s original spot in Momus Park over to adjacent to Dragon city and taken on a distinctly Asian feel.

It’s a long way to the top if you want a spring roll

I’m a sucker for a sign book, so was happy before I even got started. There’s something satisfying about seeing your name appear in lights.

Dave Grohl’s been here!

As far as the actual gameplay goes, it’s a mad scramble through trippy dark corridors as you try to head for the top – think snakes and ladders with a count-up clock. I have a glorious history of sucking at games, clearly insufficient time spent with 3D person shooters in my youth, so can’t see me betting 10 MANA anytime soon for a shot at making the leader board, however, it was a fun, if somewhat frustrating run around.

Soon we will take a look at Viking Gym, because who doesn’t like throwing axes…

It’s like a smorgasbord of virtual fun

Jump to 65, -130

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