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ZED Racing

Where to even start with ZED other than it is an NFT gaming juggernaut, having run close to 2 million virtual horse races for $40 mil of UDS payouts. Blow your mind by checking out their Twitter where you can discover virtual insanity like their Starwars themed racetrack Trottooine. Whilst it’s not strictly a Decentraland game, they do have a cool HQ in Vegas City, where you can watch races and see the horse hall of fame.

Zed’s not dead, baby

In essence, ZED is a stable management game, where you can buy, breed and race your NFT horse in regular virtual races. There’s significant immersive depth in the pathway to a champion, with consideration of bloodline, genotype, breed and race ratings. It also involves in race variables such as stamina to consider with regards to race volumes you compete in.

This whole concept is quite mind-blowing, hats off to Virtually Human Studio for the concept, algorithms & programming which went into this creation.

Their recent acquisition of Australia’s leading extended reality studio, Spectre, as well as big name partnerships with Atari, NASCAR, Netflix and The Melbourne Cup indicate big things in the future for ZED run. There’s currently no sanctioned gambling on race outcomes, but we suspect that’s probably next.

Pimp my pony

Plenty of horses in the sea

If the virtual sport of kings seems like your type of pastime, you can find out how to get started here, as well as viewing live streaming races

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